Shrubs; fundamental to gardens, providing enduring structure and seasonal beauty. Whether you seek consistent year-round interest or a burst of seasonal colour, tall dense screens, or low ground cover, there’s a shrub to meet every need and style. Besides their flowers, many shrubs boast appealing foliage, colourful stems, and vibrant fruits, making them attractive to wildlife by offering food and shelter.

Shrubs can be deciduous, shedding their leaves seasonally, or evergreen, retaining foliage year-round. Characterised by their multiple stems and shorter stature—typically less than 6-10 meters—they differ from trees, which generally have a single, taller trunk. With their permanent woody structure, shrubs come in various shapes and sizes. They add beauty through flowers in myriad colours and offer attractive foliage, fruit, and bark.

For a shrub to thrive, it must be well-suited to its growing conditions as well as regular annual pruning to ensure shrubs stay healthy and vigorous. 

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