The perfect way to light your Christmas Tree

Deciding the perfect way to light your Christmas tree can be quite a task. There are so many options from colours to rhythm settings and various bulbs types. You might be thinking about outside lighting as well as inside. We want to make your Christmas full of fun and less worrying about how to decorate. We’ve put together this light your Christmas tree guide, to help you out. 

  1. Lighting an indoor tree 
  2. Outside lighting 
  3. Lighting styles  

The perfect way to light your Christmas tree indoors 

Lighting the classic tree standing in the window as passers-by admire the decorations and you gather around the tree on Christmas morning is one of the most beautiful sights of Christmas. Choosing the right tree and lights is essential for a happy Christmas! When you have your tree, think about the lighting and decide if you would like coloured, warm, gently glowing, or flashing lights. There are so many options - you could even mix and match! Consider the length of the lighting string to ensure you’ll have enough to cover your tree with extra length to reach a nearby electricity source. There are lights available that are battery-operated as well.

Which lights to choose for the perfect way to light your Christmas tree outside 

Lighting up your outside tree gives an extra memorable splash of Christmas to your home. Make sure you purchase lights that are designed to be outside for safety and that you have a safe electricity supply to plug them into. Environmentally friendly options inside solar lights, although they will need to be in a maximum light position, there are also battery-operated lights. Just as with your indoor lights, consider the colours and patterns of lighting. Would you like them to flash or even light up to a musical rhythm? If you are unsure, check out what is available first before making your decision. 

The perfect way to light your Christmas tree with lighting styles 

Different colours and light tones can make all of the difference to the style you are going for with your tree.

  • If you would like a delicate, calming tree with all pinks, whites, and light blues, perhaps try some soft tone bulb lights for a gentle glow.
  • If you want something jazzy with lots of colourful and eclectic decorations, adding in some multicoloured lights can be just the colourful style needed.
  • For something very traditional, go with red, white and green decorations, bright white lights wrapped around the tree, and a big star on top.

Light your season up, and let us help you be merry when you choose your Christmas lights from our festive department. 

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