Consider tablescaping when you next invite friends and family over to completely uplevel your entertaining space. With the festive season in full swing, tablescaping is about decorating your dinner table with creativity with the style, colours and materials that have been thought through to match the party's theme. A tablescape isn't just a traditional centrepiece; it's a design resulting in a piece of table art. We love seeing some innovative and stylish designs, so we've put this guide together to help you get arty for your next party. 

  1. Consider the theme 
  2. Think about the colours 
  3. Incorporate plants
  4. Be sustainable 

Consider the theme first when tablescaping 

Deciding on what theme you would like for the table is the best place to start. Would you like a calming, romantic theme or a jazzy, upbeat theme for the night? Is the table being designed for a festive meal or a birthday? Or just because you have invited friends over and you would like to have an autumn or winter theme. Consider this first, and then get to work on the next stage.

Tablescaping is all about the colours 

If you want to have a vibrant party atmosphere you could pick a mix of bright blues, reds, oranges and yellows but for a chilled night of chatting and relaxing an all-white theme can look incredibly stylish. For a natural design, think hessian fabric, dried autumnal leaves and foliage on napkins. The options are endless, and you can personalise your tablescape any way you would like. It is great fun and a lovely way to get creative and make your guests feel welcome. 

Incorporating plants when you tablescape 

Most tablescapes will incorporate plants from succulents on fallen branches to small glass vases with just one flower in each. Don't forget the space above. Hanging dried flower leaves on string and lights with flowers entwined is another way to add to your design. If you include candles, dressing them at the base with plants can also provide a focal point. Get creative and enjoy your time working with plants, colours and other materials. 

When tablescaping consider sustainable materials 

When choosing decorations for your tablescape, consider their use and how many times you can reuse or recycle what you are creating. Small glass vases can be reused time and time again in numerous rooms and displays. Choosing coloured napkins that can be used in various themes means they will get used more often. Also, use biodegradable plants potted on and flowers that can be composted to make your tablescape sustainable.

Don't forget the little details as well. That can make all of the difference. 

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