Owen Maynard - Deputy Manager

  • Time at Coblands: 4 years  
  • Why Coblands: Owen enjoys the environment and the people he meets in the store. The surroundings and the opportunity to interact with fellow plant enthusiasts make each day special for him.  
  • Favourite Plant: All acers!

Karen Edwards - Administrator

  • Time at Coblands: 4 years  
  • Why Coblands?: Karen admires the company culture at Coblands. She appreciates the work ethic and collaborative spirit that permeate the team.  
  • Favourite Plant: Peony

Mercia Harte - Marketing Manager

  • Time at Coblands: 2 months  
  • Why Coblands: Mercia is passionate about gardening and has a knack for marketing. Combining these two passions at Coblands has been a dream come true for her.  
  • Favourite Plant: Dahlia

Ellie Marlow - Sales Assistant

  • Time at Coblands: 1 year  
  • Why Coblands: Ellie feels comfortable in the relaxed environment and loves being outside. The natural setting at Coblands provides a perfect backdrop for her work.  
  • Favourite Plant: Wisteria

Julia Rayfield - Horticulturist

  • Time at Coblands: 3 years  
  • Why Coblands: Julia loves being outside in all seasons. As a keen gardener herself, she finds joy in working in the garden and sharing her knowledge with others.  
  • Favourite Plant: Foxglove

Paul Gabriel - Senior Gardener

  • Time at Coblands: 32 years (since 1989)  
  • Why Coblands: Paul enjoys meeting people and sharing company with those who have similar interests. His passion lies in growing vegetables, and he loves discussing planting tips with visitors.  
  • Favourite Plant: Vegetables

Jo Curties - Sales Assistant

  • Time at Coblands: 1 year  
  • Why Coblands: Jo's enthusiasm for her role is simple yet profound – "Why would I not?"  
  • Favourite Plant: Salvia

Liam Kealy - Tree specialist

  • Favourite Plant: Trees

Vicky Penwarden - Café assistant

  • Time at Coblands: 2 years  
  • Why Coblands: Vicky loves the ambience of Coblands. The atmosphere and relaxed pace align perfectly with her vibe, making it an ideal workplace.  
  • Favourite Plant: Vicky loves them all!


We invite you to visit Coblands Garden Centre & Café and meet our passionate team in person. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to help you with all your gardening needs. Come and experience the Coblands difference!