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Top 5 Plants For Coastal Gardens



Relaxed coastal gardens are known for their silvery foliage, grassy greens and bright flowers. The plants are full of colour, texture and movement, and they bring a sense of wilderness and freedom. 

But, you don't need sea views to get that fun, informal look in your own outdoor space. The majority of coastal plants will thrive in any garden with well-drained soil and a sunny spot. The plants are tough and are used to battling strong winds and salty air, usually in poor soil or on steep banks. 

Eryngium variifolium

This lovely 'Sea Holly' has striking silver foliage and architectural blooms with prickly cone-like heads. It will bring a sharper angle to free-flowing flower beds and copes well with sandy soil, common to seaside gardens. 


Erigeron karvinskianus

There is nothing better than this long-flowering plant, with sunny daisy-like blooms and rich green foliage. It self-seeds to fill cracks and crevices and will grow in any free-draining soil. 


 Cordyline Australis 

A striking evergreen, this architectural plant has the appearance of a small palm tree. It adds an exotic atmosphere to a coastal garden, and young plants look great in containers. 


Festuca glauca 'Azurit'

No seaside garden would be complete without grasses to bend in the wind. This evergreen foliage is happy in containers and rockeries and adds fun texture to flower beds. 


Verbascum 'Gainsborough'

This is the ideal coastal plant for poor soil, as long as it is free-draining. It has fluffy silvery leaves and yellow flower spikes that loom out of flower beds. 


Why not try mixing shapes and colours in your border, and leave everything to grow and get jumbled? Also, add to the look with gravel, shells and lots of big pebbles! 

Source: David Domoney