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September Jobs of the month

As the weather is cooling, and the days are beginning to feel shorter, it's starting to feel as though Autumn is just around the corner. It's time to make the most of the warm and dry days!


  • Now is the time to divide, and replant perennials.
  • Harvest the last of your potatoes' before the slugs get to them. 
  • Plant Spring flowering bulbs as you are clearing your borders and pots.
  • Mow the lawn before it gets too wet to walk on.
  • Trim hedges if the weather is mild and not too wet.





    Looking good in your garden

    Persicaria, Verbena, Heleniums, Anemones, Echinacea, Aster, Rudbeckia. Grasses and Ferns range





         Garden Tips 

    • As the leaves fall, collect them and store them for leaf mulch for next year. 
    • Continue to deadhead as this will prolong the flowering trime of your perennials. 
    • Net ponds, to stop leaves from falling in and clogging them up.
    • Allow your potatoes' to dry out before you store them, this will help them to stay dry