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Real cut and potted Christmas Trees


The scent of pine needles is in the air as the garden centre is filled with fresh cut and potted Christmas trees.  All looking green and glossy in the morning light and with a slight frost on them they look even more magical.

The history of the humble Christmas tree in England dates to the 1800's when Prince Albert gifted one to Queen Victoria. Once people saw the royal family with a tree, the trend took off!

It can take a tree up to 10 years to reach a height of 2.0m (6-7ft) they are hand pruned annually to shape to maintain the Christmas tree shape.

How do you pick your perfect tree?

  • When picking your tree, ensure you measure your space to the ceiling, so you do not pick a tree that is too tall.
  • When you get your tree home, keep the net on and with a small saw, take off 5cm from the base to open the trunk, this allows the tree to soak up the water. Remove the net and place in a bucket of water until you are ready to take it indoors.
  • When your tree is indoors, keep it away from drafts and radiators, place it in its stand, fill the stand with water.  You are then ready to decorate your tree for Christmas

Top tip: remember to check the water reservoir each day and top up , as trees are thirsty, and this will stop them from drying out.

Which tree to pick?

Below is our handy guide to the different tree types we have for you to choose from. 

Frasier fir

This trees main attraction is its glorious balsam fragrance which fills the room for the entire festive period – just rub the foliage and breathe the scent in. It is a slimmer tree , so perfect for a corner of a room,  it has a low needle drop too

 Noble fir

The King of Christmas with blue tinged foliage, a spicy fragrance, and tightly layered branches that tilt upwards.  This is a truly elegant tree to add glamour to any home.  It also has low needle drop

 Nordmann fir

This has become the most popular choice because of its good needle retention and its soft green colour.

 Norway Spruce

A beautifully pine-scented tree that is considered the most quintessentially traditional tree. Keep well-watered to minimise needle drop

Our  friendly staff are also on hand to help you pick your perfect tree and carry it to your car.