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Orchard Club

Sign up in Centre to receive a 5% discount off all purchases in the Garden Centre and Cafe. 

If you have an old retail discount card, please pop in and we will swap you over to the New Orchard Club card. 

Trade cards will remain on the same discount, but we will need you to come in and swap over to a new card. If you wish to sign up for Trade card you will need proof of your company on headed paper or a business card and the company will. need to be landscape or garden related. 

Terms and conditions of the loyalty scheme. 

 The discounts are off all purchases in the Garden Centre and Cafe

If you do not have your card or number with you, we will not be able to give you any discount, as the current tills only recognise the numbers on your cards. 

You cannot give friends your card number so they can use the discount, without a card present or number we will not offer the discount. 

We reserve the right to withdraw a customer’s card, if at any time they abuse the discount scheme.