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October Jobs of the month

Autumn is officially upon us, before we know it, it will soon be Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas!



  • Refresh pots and beds with winter bedding such as Pansy, Violas, Wall flowers , primrose and polyanthus
  • Divide perennials like Heucheras, hardy Geraniums and Echinacea giving you more plants for next year
  • Plant shrubs for Autumn and Winter to give you interest all year around try Sarcococca for scent and Skimmia for berries 


  • Plant out onion sets, and winter veg such as Cabbage and Broccoli for a spring crop 
  • Clear out your vegetable plots and pots and dig in a well rooted manure to help the soil over winter


  • Aerate lawns that have compacted down, by walking along and gently pushing a garden fork into the soil to open it up and make little holes then sprinkle with sharp sand to improve drainage 
  • Apply an autumn lawn feed to prepare for the winter and a healthy lawn in spring 



Looking good in your garden 

Euonymus, Callicarpa, Cornus ( Dogwoods ) Cotoneaster, Roses for hips, Michaelmas Daisies, Gauras 




Garden Tips

  • Don’t forget to underplant any new plants with bulbs that will pop up in the spring! 
  • When tidying up the garden, leave on any seed heads and hips for the birds to feed on
  • Start to cut down the amount you mow the lawn as it gets wetter and will compact down the more you walk on it
  • If you need a lot of hedging , buy bare root now as you will get more hedging for your budget.


Bulb planting