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Meet our growers

Jo Nursery Manager at Coblands Nurseries Ltd in Tonbridge 

Jo has worked at Coblands for 26 years growing shrubs, potted hedging, specimens, herbaceous, ferns and grasses.

Here are some Jo's seasonal favourites:

Autumn is a great time of year to see an array of different colours in the garden. No garden should be without autumn colour, this is an often overlooked season, there are many plants to add to get that wow factor.

One plant that shines out above the rest is Cornus Alba - with its red stems, lovely autumn colour leaves and fabulous white berries it's a must for any large garden. The stems will look great all winter too!


Jo's Tips for a healthy plant

Once established, just stool the plant in early spring to get new fresh red stems each year. 

An easy to grow plant, needs moist well drained soil, just make sure to give it a large area to grow in, as it will get to a large shrub size. 


Other Autumn favourites 

Another Favourite of Jo's is the Mahonia eurybracteata Soft Caress. This was plant of the year in 2013, it's totally different to the spikey Mahonias you often see. 

With its soft, spine free serrated leaves, and little scented, lemon yellow flowers and compact habit, it's a must in the garden or pots now!


Jo's Top tips for a healthy plant 

Needing little care, plant in a sunny or partially shaded border. Reaching 90-120cm in height and evergreen you will fall in love with this gem of a plant’