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Looking After Your Lawn

It's true, isn't it - that everything looks so much better when the sun is shining? The sun always seems to bring a sense of joy and optimism!

Now, as we're on the subject of things looking good, keeping your coveted homely green space in good shape should be near the top of your to-do list. 

Don't panic, keeping your lawn looking tip-top isn't as tough as you might imagine, here are a few indispensable ideas to keeping your lawn well manicured during the Summer. 


In the UK, two days of continuous sunshine is usually enough for our reactionary Council to impose a hosepipe ban. But, it's an inescapable fact that lawns need watering - typically between 1 - 1.5 inches of water a week. 

Naturally, if the temperature soars it gets drier - and your lawn starts looking a bit jaundiced - then you will need to increase this amount. It's advisable to water your lawn once a week, the best time being before 10am as this reduces the level of water evaporation, meaning your thirsty lawn gets to drink more water. It's best to avoid night time watering as this increases the risk of disease and fungi. 


It's worthwhile letting your lawn grow a little higher during the Summer months than when the weather's cold, this means that the grass will help protect the roots from heat and rays off the sun.

It is generally recommended a height of 6-13mm for fine lawns and 13-25mm in Summer for ordinary ornamental lawns, increasing to 40mm in Spring and Autumn.


As with ourselves, we need food and nourishment to help us grow and stay strong and healthy, so why not apply a Summer feed? There is a wide variety of chemical feeds specifically designed for the Summer months - it'll help keep your lawn looking fresh, crisp and green during those hot spells!

Seeding & Repairing

It's a general rule that most gardeners prefer to seed and repair their lawns during Spring or Autumn. But, if you don't mind regularly watering your lawn in the Summer then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't!

There's a positively impressive cornucopia of lawn repair seeding kits available, and they can yield fantastic results if you keep a close eye on your lawn and water it regularly. 


Honestly, how many of you start to tire and flag if the weather starts ramping up to near-volcanic temperatures? (OK, that may be a slight exaggeration on this island.) In that respect, lawns are no different, often looking wilted, tired and yellow in the sun. There are lawn boosting products aplenty, and a liberal smattering of feed will galvanise your green space and make it look healthy and beautiful during the hot weather. 


Don't worry, this isn't as distressing as it actually sounds! Compaction is just the result of a long hot Summer, where the children and dogs have ran endlessly all over the lawn, creating sporadic bare patches. The best way to deal with these unsightly garden bald patches is to aerate your lawn. 

It is recommended to engage in aeration activities in late Autumn, this means you'll have to put up with it during the scorching weather, but you will be able to eliminate these unsighly patched by the next Summer. 

Weeds & Mosses

Don't be fooled, pesky weeds and moss affect lawns pretty much all year round, and varying degrees of weed infestation can be effectively treated with many of the multitude of weed killers available. If you treat your lawn in the Spring, you might need a second application for those more obstinate and persisment mosses and weeds. 

So, with these fail-safe tips to keep your lawn looking good, it won't be long before your glorious green patch is the envy of the entire neighbourhood!