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Jobs of the month February.

There's plenty to be getting on with in February, with just as little as 30 minutes once a week, you can make a huge difference in the garden. Try to make the most of a little bit more day light in the garden. 
Jobs to do now
Now is the ideal  time to prune larger shrubs, such as, Buddleja, Cornus and Cotinus. You can cut Buddleja back hard and it will give you lots of blooms this year.
Prune winter-blooming shrubs such as mahonia, winter jasmine and heathers, once they've finished flowering.
Helleborus are in full bloom now, try removing some of the older  foliage so you can see the beautiful flowers underneath.  
If you have some dryer warmer days, you can start to move deciduous shrubs as long as the ground is not waterlogged and there is no sign of a frost.
Now is the ideal time to start to sow seeds in greenhouses or on windowsills, start off Broad beans, salads and onions.
Keep removing leaves and Winter mess in the garden but be carefull of any hibernating animals like Hedgehogs.
Spread a layer of well-rotted manure around roses and shrubs to mulch them over and start them off for the year. 


Looking Good This Month 
Crocuses, Snowdrops, Primroses,  and Hellebores 


Top Tips
Check if old seed packets are worth keeping by sowing a few seeds on damp kitchen paper, to see if they germinate.  Pop in and buys some more!
Encourage wildlife into the garden ready for nesting, by trimming back deciduous hedging to allow the birds to see where they can nest.