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January Jobs of the month

Despite being Winter, January can be a busy month - are you thinking New Year, new garden?


  • Don't throw your Christmas Tree away, take it to you local tip and recycle it. 
  • Deadhead any Winter bedding to encourage a longer flowering period.
  • Plant bare root rose, hedging and trees so long as the ground is not frozen. 
  • Weed pathways and sweep your patio. By doing it early on you will stop the early weeds for seeding and making more work lateron. 
  • Start cutting back grasses and other perennials left for Winter, or you can leave them a few more months to provide cover  and food for wildlife. 
  • Dont forget to keep bird feeders topped up and bird baths full of fresh water. 



Looking good in your garden

Witch Hazel ( Hamamelis ) Sarcococca ConfusaHelleborus, Crocus ,Snowdrops

witch hazel


Garden Tips 

  • If you are experiencing snow, it can put a lot of pressure on your plants. Gently  remove the snow so it does not break any of the plant. 
  • Protect shrubs and trees as much as possible against snow and wind with stakes and tree ties for extra support.
  • If you have a frozen lawn, stay off it untill it is not frozen to prevent you from compacting the soil and damaging the lawn.