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How To Grow A Patio Herb Garden For Flavour?

The garden is a key place for many of us, as we socialise and come together with friends and family - whether it's for a party, picnic or a BBQ. However, it is also a great place for growing plants in containers too. 

It's very easy to bring guests and garden together with tasty edible herbs! Herbs, if you choose the right variety, can boost the flavour of food and drinks. 


The first step is to choose herbs that accentuate your food. Thyme is perfect with fish and chicken, while Rosemary goes better with beef. Italian dishes are best paired with Oregano and Chives add a burst to otherwise boring salads. 

An incredibly versatile herb is Mint, use sprigs of young leaves to lift lamb dishes and green vegetables. Or, if you are feeling adventurous try making your own sauce - just chop the leaves and add boiling water, white wine vinegar and a little sugar. 


Lately, edible herbs have become a popular addition to drinks, lending a fragrant twist to wine and Summer cocktails. Again, mint leaves give drinks a fresh tang - perfect for Pimm's!

If you are looking to add a sweet, fruity tang try Rosemary and Thyme, they work particularly well with berry flavours. Also, Lavander stems and flowers can be added to a glass of bubbly for an elegant touch. 

Planting A Patio Herb Garden

Begin by choosing your plants and pots - you can put everything in one pot, or create a mini container garden. 

Next, line the bottom of the pots with crocks - these are pebbles or pieces of broken pottery that aid drainage. Fill the pots halfway with multi-purpose compost.

Remove the plants for their pots, and replant in the compost. Remember to fill in the gaps with more compost but make sure you don't plant them too deep.

It's important to pick the leaves regularly to encourage the plants to keep growing!  


Source: David Domoney