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August Jobs of the month

As August is usually the hottest month of the year, watering is reallly important  to ensure a flourishing garden. 


  • Keep dead heading Dahlias, so they continue to bloom into September 
  • Collect seeds from flowers that flowered in June and July and sow then in the Autumn or next spring. Remember to store them in paper envelopes in a cool dark place. 
  • Cut back summer flowering raspberries, prune last year’s stems to the ground and pick the strongest of this year’s stems and tie them onto supports ready for next year. 
  • Lift up and pot on strawberry runners, giving you bigger crop for next year!  
  • Sow seeds such as Kale, Pak Choi and Winter Lettice 
  • Cut back any herbs that have got untidy, this will give you a fresh crop of leaves before winter




These garden perennials are looking their best this month, giving you late Summer colour. 

Sedum, Astrantia, Agapanthus, Helenium, Lobelia, Hosta, Rudbeckia, Aster, Anemone, Heuchera and Hydrangea.





Garden Tips 

  • It is essential to keep on top of the watering, in August especially pots and baskets, which will dry out in hot sunshine. We recommended to water little and often during hot periods, and try to water in the morning and evening, never in the midday sun. 
  • Also remember to keep any bird baths topped up so the birds have water to drink and cool down in.