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Ferns add texture and form to all gardens, some are evergreen and create drama all year round,while others will die back and unfurl stunning fronds the following year. 

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2ltr £7.99 Dryopteris  - Affinis Crispa Graciliis Congesta, Affinis Cristata, Filis - mas 

2ltr £7.99 Polystichum -  Aculeatum, Polyblepharum, Proliferum, Tsussimense

2ltr from £7.99 Deciduous Ferns - Auriculate Lady, Japanese Painted, Senistive Fern, Tatting Fern, Wood Fern, 

2ltr from £7.99 Evergreen Ferns - Brauns Holly, Linear Male, Tsusima Holly

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