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Plants that come back and bring joy to your garden every year.   Scented, varigated, tall, billowing or colourful, these favourites will keep going in your garden year after year and attract bees and butterfly's to your garden. 

Achilea 2ltr £7.99 - Little Moonshine PBR 

Agastache 2ltr £7.99 - Aurantiaca Black Adder 

Agastache 5ltr £9.99 - Blue Fotune 

Agave Americana Variegata 3L - £9.99

Agave Americana Variegata 7.5L - £35.99

Agapanthus 3ltr £12.99 

Twister, Silver Baby 

Ajuga 2 ltr £7.99 

Black Scallop, Burgandy Glow, Catlins Giant, Chocolate Chip, Princess Nadia

Astilbe 2ltr from £7.99, 3ltr £9.99

Vision in Red, Deutschland, Europa, Snowdrift, Sprite, Key West, Milk and Honey

Campanula Lact. Loddon Anna 3l £9.99

Canna 3ltr £9.99

 Tropicanna Black, Tropicanna  

Canna 5ltr £19.99 

Tropicanna Orange, Tropicanna Gold 

Ceratostigma 7.5ltr £27.99 - Forest Blue 

Crocomosia 2ltr £7.99 -  Lucifer 

Crocosmia 3ltr  £9.99 - Red King, Snow glow, Mistral, Carmine Brilliant 

Convolvulus Cneorum 2ltr £11.49

Coreopsis 3ltr £9.99 - big bang cosmic eye, 

Dahlia 3ltr from £9.99

Cactus - Orange Pygmy, Park Princess, Playa Blanca, Red Pygmy

Melody - Dora, Gypsy, Swing

Pom Pom - Berlin, Genova, Melody Allegro, Natal, Souvenir d'Ete, Pink Allegro 

Dahlia - Tahiti Sunrise , Roxy, Bishop of Landaff, Dream Fantasy, Sarah

Dahlia 3ltr £10.99 - Rhubarb and Custard, Lemon Sherbet, Strawberry Bon Bon


Echinacea from  £7.99 - Purple Emperor White Meditation , White swan, Delicious Nougat

Echinops 2ltr £7.99 - Taplow Blue, Ritro 

Erigeron glaucus 2ltr £7.99 - Sea Breeze

Gaura 3ltr £9.99 - Passionate Blush , Butterfly 

Hardy Geraniums 2ltr £7.99 


Hemerocallis 2ltr £7.99  

Hosta 2ltr from £7.99

Sieboldiana Elegans, Undulata ( Mediovariegata )Big Daddy, Liberty, Patriot, Purple Heart

Hosta 5ltr £9.99 

American Dream, Blue Angel, Blue Cadet, Brim Cup, Fragrant Blue, Francee, Great Expectations, Liberty, Purple Heart, So Sweet, Stained Glass, Wide Brim 

Knautia Macedonica 2ltr £7.99 

Mars Midget, Melton Pastels

Leucanthemum 3ltr £9.99 - Santa 

Leucanthemum 5ltr £19.99 

Nepeta from £7.99 - Purrsian Blue Walkers low , Six Hils Giant, Neptune

Penstemon 3ltr £9.99 - Phonic Red, Violet Magenta 

Penstemon 2ltr £7.99 - Garnet, Heavenly Blue, Hewells Pink,King George V, Purple

Sour Grapes, Snow Storm

Phlox 2ltr £7.99  

Divaricata Clouds Of Perfume, Divaricata White Perfume, Paniculata Bright Eyes, Paniculata David, Paniculata Eva Cullum, Paniculata Laura, Paniculata Orange Perfection, Paniculata Starfire, Paniculata Younique Old Blue, 

Rudbeckia 3ltr from £7.99 - Little Gold Star, Olivia,

Rudbeckia 5ltr £12.99 - smiley big sun 

Rudbeckia  Fulgida 5 ltr £18.99 - Goldsturm, Deamii, 

Rudbeckia Lacinata 2ltr £7.99 - Herbstsonne, Juligold 

Salvia 2ltr  £7.99 

Caradonna, Indigo, Blauhugel, Rose Queen, Cherry Lips, Royal Bumble, Icing Sugar, Blue Note, Sensations Rose, Salmon Dance, Nachtvlinder, Uligonsoa, May Night 

Salvia Caradonna 5ltr  2 for £15 or £12.99 each 

Verbena 2ltr £7.99 - Lollipop , Bonariensis,

Veronica 3ltr £9.99 - moody blues 





















5 Results Found
5 Results Found