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Compost All gardens need great compost, we have a full range that is peat free, with peat or with added John Innes.

We know our gardens love good compost, we offer a full range of compost for every part of your garden.  From Multi purpose to Ericaceous, organic and peat free. 

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50 ltr Ericaceous Compost 3 for £15 or £6.99 

20 ltr Tub and Basket compost 2 for £6 or £4.99 each 


Soil Improvers

50 ltr Farm yard Manure 3 for £12 or £5.99 each


With added John Innes

25 ltr John Innes no 2-  3 for £12 or£4.99 each 

25 ltr John Innes no 3 - 3 for £12 or £4.99 each 

25 ltr Seed £4.99

25 ltr Ericaceous Comopst £4.99




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