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Container Gardening
Container Gardening Raised beds and containers are ideal for all the family and for easing the stress on your back when gardening.

New Vegepod now in!

Our new range of Vegepod are now in centre. These innovative raised beds are perfect for use in small spaces to grow veg and salads, they are suitable for use by all the family. With an easy clip together pod and built in self-watering system, Vegepod are quick and easy to assemble,  you can build them on a fixed stand or buy a trolley stand which has wheels on so you can move them around your garden. 

Now is the perfect time to start growing your own plants at home, you can start off seeds, bulbs or plugs in Vegepod as they are supplied with a built-in cover. you will need buy a vegepod plus a stand or trolley to complete you set. 

We are also stocking the Chelsea Flower Show award winning Vegebag, in which you can grow salads, vegetables or potatoes. 


Small vegepod and cover - 1ft 8 inch x 3 ft 3 inches - £129 

Medium vegepod and cover - 3ft 3 inches x 3 ft 3 inches - £189 

Large vegepod and cover - 6ft 6 inches x 3 ft 3 inches - £299

Small stand - £49 

Medium stand - £59 

Large stand - £115 

Trolley  small -£115

Tolley medium - £130

Vegepod large bag £54.99 

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