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Hannah Holman 7th April 2020

Flowering Times

Flowering Times

Spring is typically the time of year when we expect to see an explosion of colour in our gardens, though this isn't always the case as flowering times vary from plant to plant.

Due to their individualised needs for sunlight, plants bloom when they have the highest chance of being able to survive and thrive, and some species of plants never flower at all!

Proteins in the plant act as photoreceptors which are activated by sunlight and can let the plant know when sunlight is increasing and the days are getting longer. This internal circadian clock influences the plants reproductive development.

Understanding plant flowering seasons is very important for scientific progression in food production. It's also a very useful tool for those who simply appreciate plants and want to keep their gardens looking beautiful all year round.

So whether you are planting one of your old trusty favourites, or trying out something new, we want to help you with our monthly flowering guide.


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